International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On 29 November each year, the world stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

To mark that occasion in 2021, Sabeel Australia hosted a global webinar timed so that Sabeel members and other interested people around the world can participate at the same time.

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This webinar included a 25-minute presentation by Dr Greg Jenks, in which he will tease out the need for our theology itself to be liberated from subservience to Empire as well as being done in such a way that it is truly liberating. Greg will also be stressing the need for our liberation theology to be local; not only in Palestine but in each context where Empire seeks to dominate. As an Australian member of Sabeel, Greg is very conscious of the rivalry between Empires as China and the US seek dominance in the Pacific.

Presenter: The Very Revd Dr Gregory C. Jenks is Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton, Australia. Prior to his current appointment, he was Dean of St George’s College, Jerusalem. Greg is President of Sabeel Australia and serves on the Executive of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN).

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