Global Kairos Asia-Pacific

“Embracing Solidarities through Sharing Stories of Struggles to Resist Empires” – Statement following a four day consultation organized by Global Kairos for Asia Pacific Palestine Solidarity (GKAPPS) in collaboration with the Academy for Contextual Theologies in Taiwan (ACTT), 27–30 April 2022. Read the statement …

Bloodshed follows bloodshed

A reflection on the current cycle of violence in Palestine from the Justice and Peace Commission of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem (in both English and Arabic). Read the statement online

May 022 Update

Dear friends in the Australia Sabeel community: We are about to send out print copies of the CORNERSTONE magazine from Sabeel in Jerusalem, but we also want to take this opportunity to review some of the activities and developments during the past six months. In the meantime, if you have not already done so, you… Continue reading May 022 Update

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