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Palestinian Liberation Theology (PLT) emerged within the Palestinian Christian community as a response to the use of the Bible to justify and promote Zionism, which led to the Palestinian Nakba in 1948. PLT seeks to interpret the teachings of Jesus to promote three essential pillars: Inclusivity, Justice, and Nonviolence.

This theology draws parallels between the context in which Jesus lived and preached, and the contemporary context in the same land, emphasizing the experiences of Palestinians, particularly themes of suffering, oppression, and the quest for justice.

Central to PLT is the advocacy for justice, peace, and reconciliation, underscoring the importance of standing against injustice and upholding the rights of the marginalized and oppressed. It critiques structures of power and advocates for a theology grounded in the lived experiences of the Palestinian people. This approach mirrors other liberation theologies, like Latin American Liberation Theology, which interpret religious texts through the lens of struggle against social, political, and economic oppression.

PLT aims to liberate the Bible from those who misuse and manipulate scripture to justify the uprooting and dispossession of the Palestinian people. Simultaneously, it brings good news to those oppressed, regardless of their identity. It emphasizes that God loves all and empowers us through the Holy Spirit to seek liberation for the oppressed and to free sinners from the sins they are committing.

Launch of 2 Books from SABEEL Jerusalem

SABEEL Jerusalem have launched 2 books – please follow the below links to buy the books as downloads from SABEEL America

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