Friends of Sabeel Australia Inc

                   PO Box 1149

                   Sydney, NSW 2001


13 March 2023

Dear Member

It has been a while since we have written to you as we have been going through a number of changes in Friends of Sabeel Australia.

We are now in a better position to go forward with some exciting plans for this year and onwards.

Firstly, we need to organise an AGM and the simplest method of doing this is via a Zoom call because it is impossible to get our membership together in person from such a broad geographical area.

So, the Zoom AGM will be at 6 pm (Sydney Time) on Thursday 6th April 2023. The meeting agenda is available on the FOS Australia website

The Zoom link for this meeting is:

If you are unable to attend via Zoom please don’t worry we really would appreciate your input so if you have comments, suggestions or views please email them to me at the below address or send them via the post to PO Box 1149, Sydney, NSW 2001.

In addition I have attached our membership renewal form which we really need you to complete and return.

Over the years the membership lists have become out of date and so we are struggling to plan activities, finances and our future without an up to date list. Please complete the form even if you are already a member and support us – we need an up to date membership list and this is the only way to complete this.

If we do not receive a response from you by the 30th April 2023 then we will delete you from our lists and assume you are no longer in a position to support us or have moved etc. Please do encourage any of your contacts or family to join if you are able to share this.

Because of costs we will be sending all future communications including Cornerstone out via email so please ensure you supply an up to date email address on the form.

Remember, the Sabeel Wave of Prayer still comes out weekly and so if you are not receiving this please let me know and I will happily put you on the list – alternatively it appears weekly on our website and Facebook pages.

One of the areas at the AGM will be the appointment of a new Secretary who must reside in NSW. Sadly, Ken Sparks our current secretary, has health issues that means he must step down from the role. Our sincere thanks go to Ken for all he has done and our prayers are for him and his family during this time. If you would like to support us in this role you would be very welcome or maybe you know somebody who could?

We plan to continue with our growing relations with PIEN and PCiA both of which we will be sharing activities with this year – so please check our website and Facebook pages as they have regular Posts and updates on a daily / weekly basis (details below).

Susan and I are hugely grateful for all of your support over the years and we know from regular contact with Palestine that your support and prayers are very much appreciated by our Brothers and Sisters in Sabeel Jerusalem and Nazareth and across all of the Palestinian territories and diaspora.

Please do let us know you are out there.

Love and blessings

Rev’d Mark Battison                                         Susan Wahhab

President                                                        Treasurer

                Friends of Sabeel Australia Inc              






 6pm (Sydney Time) Thursday 6th April 2023

  • Welcome and opening prayer
  • Apologies
  • Introduction of Board of Trustees
  • Minutes from last AGM – 2nd December 2021 – copy attached
  • Matters Arising
  • Reports
  1. Management Committee
  2. Treasurer
  • Election of Office Bearers and Management Committee:
  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary
  • AOB

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