Who are we?


Who are we?

We are not simply a group of Australians who support the Sabeel Center in Jerusalem and Nazareth. Rather, we are the Sabeel community in Australia.

In our own context, we look to Scripture and tradition for insights and encouragement as we face down the tentacles of empire.

We serve as catalysts between different Palestinian advocacy groups here, just as the Sabeel Center does in occupied Palestine through its KUMI NOW project.

We participate in the Wave of Prayer, pausing around noon every Thursday to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Why not set an alarm on your smartphone to be your personal call to prayer each Thursday?

And we give to support the work of Sabeel in Palestine.

Online events

In the coming year, starting at the end of November—and in collaboration with Sabeel Jerusalem—we shall be offering a series of online events to engage a wide audience with different aspects of the lived experience and the living faith of Palestinian Christians.

These plans are still under development, but we are sure you will find something that you really do not want to miss. If not every time, then at least several times during the course of the year. When we advertise these events, please share them among your friends, post about them on Facebook, and get them into your local church newsletters.

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