Just 5c per day


Yes, 5c a day is roughly what it costs to join Friends of Sabeel Australia. Even less if you are not on wage.

Why bother?

What does Sabeel bring to the struggle for justice and reconciliation in Palestine?

(1) For starters, and perhaps most importantly, it is a grassroots Palestinian Christian movement.

(2) Sabeel is a liberation theology movement, drawing its hope from the message of the biblical prophets and the teachings of Jesus.

(3) Sabeel is ecumenical, drawing together Christians from all the churches in the Holy Land.

(4) Sabeel is interfaith, with both Jewish and Muslim members and supporters.

(5) Sabeel is collaborative. We work in partnership with a variety of NGOs and other agencies in Palestine, and especially through the KUMI NOW (rise up) project led by Sabeel.

(6) Sabel is international, with active local networks in several European countries, the UK, as well as USA and Canada, and here in Australia.

(7) Sabeel engages with the total Palestinian experience: in East Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, Israel, and in the diaspora.

Please get involved.

We need your 5c worth and also your prayerful solidarity with Palestinians of all faiths.

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