Joint letter

A MESSAGE FROM THE SABEEL ECUMENICAL LIBERATION THEOLOGY CENTER & FRIENDS OF SABEEL AUSTRALIA We are delighted to be reaching out to the growing community of Sabeel friends and supporters across Australia. In Jerusalem, around the world and here in Australia the Palestinian community has been energised by a renewed sense that it is time;… Continue reading Joint letter

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Layan Nasser released

There are unconfirmed reports that Layan Nasser has been released from al-Damun Prison on bail pending a further court appearance. Layan must still appear in a military court on 5 October 2021. Follow the developments and sign the petition at …

Information for members

The Sabeel Australia web page has been updated to include additional pages with important information for members and supporters of our Association. Under the ABOUT menu, you will now find additional pages, including: Mailings: PDF versions of material distributed by post, including inserts when copies of the Cornerstone magazine are distributed. Membership Form: for people… Continue reading Information for members

No Free Trade Agreement

Please write to your Federal MP to stop Australia signing a Free Trade Agreement with Israel … The Australian Trade Minister wants to sign a free-trade agreement with Israel this year! Minister for Trade, Dan Tehan, has just received a report from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  A report based on an inquiry… Continue reading No Free Trade Agreement

Australian petition calling for targetted sanctions against Israel tabled in Australian Parliament

From the Australian Parliament website: Petition Reason Successive Israeli governments have severely discriminated against and brutally dominated Palestinians since the Nakba of 1948. The latest attacks in Gaza and throughout East Jerusalem, the West Bank and inside Israel show that the Nakba has never ended. The systematic oppression of Palestinians amounts to grave breaches of… Continue reading Australian petition calling for targetted sanctions against Israel tabled in Australian Parliament

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Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism

The Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism was issued 15 years ago by Palestinian Christian churches on August 22, 2006. The signatories were Patriarch Michel Sabbah, Archbishop Swerios Malki Mourad, Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal, and Bishop Munib Younan. You can read the Jerusalem Declaration on Anti-Semitism here. 

Jubilee theology

The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem has a focus on natural justice, by which I mean, “justice for nature.” It is often overlooked that the plants and animals, and the fragile eco-system which they comprise, are among the many direct victims of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A truly Palestinian liberation theology, such as Sabeel… Continue reading Jubilee theology

Welcome to Palestine

Like a traditional Palestinian restaurant in the back streets of Bethlehem, the Welcome to Palestine website was a delightful discovery today. From the ABOUT page: Welcome to Palestine will strive to present useful information on the villages, towns, and cities within the West Bank and, in due course, Gaza. We highlight the best of Palestinian food… Continue reading Welcome to Palestine

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4000 years of Palestine

My copy of this important volume—first published in 2018—arrived in the post today. It will provide some engaging reading during the current COVID lockdown. In a brief review in Publishers Weekly, we are told that Masalha, a historian at SOAS University of London, unravels the convenient Western romanticization of Palestine before 1948 as “a land… Continue reading 4000 years of Palestine

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Wave of prayer

Excerpts from this week’s Wave of Prayer from Sabeel in Jerusalem … On Wednesday, the 11th of August, the Defence Minister, Benny Gantz, approved the construction of 863 Palestinian homes in Israeli controlled Area C, mostly in Jenin and Bethlehem. At the same time the Israeli Civil Administration agreed to the construction of more than… Continue reading Wave of prayer

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