PIEN has produced this Lenten guide for 2023 with reflections on Palestine / Israel.

Take a walk in the footsteps of an Ecumenical Accompanier (EA). Andrew Telfer (who is also on the PIEN committee), spent time as an EA with the EAPPI program. Having recently returned from three months living in the West Bank, Andrew has first-hand stories to share, of the context to what is currently unfolding in the Holy Land.

We have also drawn upon the excellent resources Sabeel Palestine produce, to add some personal elements that you can apply each week. Please engage with the information they produce through Kumi Now and respond to their suggested actions, along with prayers we have sourced from the Sabeel Wave of Prayer.

Together, let us not be silent on the events that are occurring in the land that embeds the footsteps of Jesus!


Apologies that the first week of the guide has already started, but it ends on Saturday so you still have plenty of time to absorb its contents.

* Note, the content for each week that Andrew shares was largely drawn from emails he sent to family and friends whilst he was in Palestine, so they give the effect of a diary of activities. 


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