2 Charged over Cemetery Damage

Two people have now been charged after the desecration of a Christian cemetery on Mt Zion in Jerusalem.

The opening paras of the news story read as follows:

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office filed indictments against two Jewish teens on Monday after they broke into the Protestant Christian cemetery on Mount Zion and desecrated more than 30 graves in early January.

The two indicted were 18-years-old Daniel Piro and a 15-year-old minor, residents from the West Bank settlement of Hashmonaim and the central Israeli town of Even Yehuda, respectively.

According to the indictment, the defendants were filmed by security cameras as they broke into the graveyard at about 3:20 P.M., and broke crosses, toppled headstones, destroyed iconography and threw debris over the cemetery walls. They threw parts of marble crosses at headstones and destroyed graves.

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