Sabeel-Kairos UK “Cry for Hope” Statement

In response to the Cry for Hope letter from Palestinian Christian communities and church leaders in 2020, the Sabeel-Kairos UK Theology Group held a consultation at the Gladstone Library, 15-17 March 2022.

The Sabeel-Kairos UK Theology Group has issued a call to churches throughout Britain and Ireland, as well as to the World Council of Churches Assembly meeting in 2022, for decisive action in support of justice for Palestinians, including:

  • awareness raising among church communities
  • naming the truth of apartheid practised by successive Israeli governments;
  • understand the confessional crisis for Christians whose silence makes them complicit in these apartheid practices; and
  • collaborate with Palestinian faith communities through Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) until the occupation of Palestine by Israel ends.

Read the full Sabeel-Kairos UK statement and share it online.

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