Palestinian Evangelicals and Peacemaking

Peacemaking and Evangelicals: A Case Study of Engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Shadia Qubti

This paper showcases the engagement of Palestinian Evangelicals in peacemaking as an intersection of theology with the Israeli-Palestinian context. First, the term peacemaking is framed in a theological perspective, followed by the socio-political Israeli-Palestinian context. The rest of the paper offers examples of peacemaking efforts of Palestinian Evangelicals, categorized into three main areas – theological thought, advocacy and community engagement.

 This article was published in Arabic in “Towards a Renewed Mind” (2021) by Bethlehem Bible College, Nazareth Evangelical College and come and see

Shadia Qubti is a Palestinian Christian who has worked in peacebuilding and advocacy initiatives for 15 years. She is particularly focused on amplifying the voices and perspectives of women and other minorities in a variety of ways, one of which was in the Women Behind the Wall podcast. Shadia was born and raised in Nazareth. She studied International Relations and English Language at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Conflict Resolution and Nonviolent Action at Trinity Dublin College in Ireland, and currently, and currently pursuing a degree in Interreligious and Indigenous Studies at Vancouver School of Theology in Canada.

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