Layan Nasir

During the pre-dawn hours of July 7th, 21 year old Layan Nasir, a 4th year Nutrition student at Birzeit University, was arrested, bound, gagged and blindfolded by Israeli Occupation Forces. She was interrogated at the Ofer Military Prison without benefit of legal counsel and her family was unable to visit her. Layan was later charged… Continue reading Layan Nasir

Imaging and imagining Palestine

The famous line that “the camera does not lie,” has long been shown to be untrue. Long before digital manipulation of photographs was possible there were ways to take and modify photographs to distract from the truth or to emphasize certain elements of the image. It was always an image. Never the reality. However, with… Continue reading Imaging and imagining Palestine

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Sabeel Australia

Friends of Sabeel Australia Inc was formed in 2003 to support the work of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem. We are an Incorporated Association under Queensland law (registration number IA32173). Our primary objectives are: To raise awareness in Australia and provide education concerning Christians in Israel and Palestine as well as neighbouring countries;… Continue reading Sabeel Australia

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